INFINITI Connection™ is the latest addition to the INFINITI Total Ownership Experience which has been a main attraction for INFINITI owners since being introduced in 1989. The INFINITI Total Ownership Experience aims to set a new new standard of confidence and convenience with INFINITI luxury products.

Currently, INFINITI owners are provided with one year of complimentary INFINITI Connection™ services which provides you with the latest technology enhancements to your driving experience.

Features are designed to promote Enhanced Safety, Convenience, and Drive-Time Connectivity for customers that enjoy to limit distractions by integrating their most common needs while on the road. INFINITI Connection keeps you connected to what you need, when you need it.
Because you can't always be there, INFINITI Connection Plus Monitoring allows you the ability to monitor your INFINITI from your computer or mobile device. Monitor vehicle movement in and out of pre-defined boundaries that you configure. When your vehicle enters or leaves a designated region, you will be notified.

Use Max Speed Alert [*] to set up a speed threshold, with specific time and date ranges. If your vehicle exceeds your Max Speed setting, you will receive a notification.

You can set up Notification Preferences to be delivered via email, text, or voice message to keep you informed when your INFINITI JX has crossed your pre-set boundary or maximum speed.
Send individual destinations to your INFINITI using Destination Send-to-Vehicle, or plan and send an entire route with Journey Planner.

Route finding made even easier! Destination Send-to-Vehicle provides access to web-based point-of-interest or address information that can be downloaded to the Navigation System. You can send directions from the web or use your INFINITI Personal Assistant to find points of interest and have the directions sent directly to your INFINITI.

Helping you get there at each stop on the way, Journey Planner allows drivers to design your own road trip, plotting points of interest that can be sent to your INFINITI. Once the journey is initiated in the vehicle, you will be able to navigate to each location in the order you planned through the INFINITI Navigation System.

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